It’s hard to believe that I have known Audrey for over twenty years now!  She has always had an extremely fun, bubbly personality balanced by a genuine kindness towards everyone she meets.  When she first introduced me to Matt, I was surprised by how incredibly similar these two were.    I have only met him a few times and I already have developed a small man crush on the dude!  Like Audrey, Matt makes you feel welcome from the moment you first meet him.  They both have a perfectly quirky sense of humor and a constant smile on their face.

Aristotle once wrote “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”  It is absolutely obvious to me that he must of written those words with Audrey and Matt in mind!

I am honored and grateful to be able to watch these two grow together and to share in their wedding celebration with them!  I am fairly certain it’s going to be epic!