11 Little things about Stephen ....


1. Was born in Hawaii and lived in 7 states, the hardest question  for him to answer is "where are you from ?"
2. His father is Filipino and Scottish , his mother Italian and Ukrainian . Stephen has no idea what to tell his son  when he asks " what nationality am I?"
3. Lived in Berlin Germany when the wall fell
4. Jumped out of airplanes while in the Army , but is scared of heights
5. Can not spell the word "definitely" so he uses the word "certainly" instead
6. Was a Vegetarian for four years but ironically , he is not a huge fan of vegetables 
7. Studied photography at Ball state University  because he thinks he looks good in black 
8. Is physically addicted to Law and Order marathons , traveling and In-N-Out Burgers 
9. Feels most at home in New York City 
10. Became a father in 2012 
11. Once lived out of his car for six months to pursue his dream of becoming  a professional photographer